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Mens Fashion Jewellery

mens ringsWhile jewellery has been popular with women for as long as we can all remember, it has only been fairly recently that we have begun to see mens rings becoming as popular as womens. In fact it is only since World War II that mens wedding rings have really existed as men who had gone off to fight wore them to have a reminder of their sweethearts back home. The growth in rings since that point was relatively slow meaning that the choice was rather limited in terms of both metals and style. Thegood news is now that this is definitely on the change with the growth of the internet meaning while ranges may be limited in store, you can now find everything from silver to diamond, tungsten, white gold, gold and titanium mens rings.

And the change isn’t just in jewellers now producing more mens jewellery. Attitude and expectations has also changed too with men no longer shying away from the idea of having to wear a wedding ring, but actually be as eager as their spouse to source one. It also doesn’t just stop at engagement and wedding rings. The market for rings for men in general has now exploded with names such as D&G and Emporio Armani clambering to win over the mens fashion jewellery market. This is very good news for the stylish man out there as it has meant that there is big competition to create the best looking rings out there. This means as well as having simple, elegant silver and gold bands to choose from there are now growing number of rings made from multiple material and adorned with wood inlays, diamonds and a range of other stones.

This can though lead to something of decision paralysis so how does someone new to mens rings start to even work out what they want? The first thing is consider when you’ll be predominantly wearing it. For example, a very blingy diamond ring might look great on your wedding day, but if it’s something that you’re planning to wear all day every day and you’re someone who works with your hands then something equally stlylish, but simpler and more hardy would be a stronger option. There are also other things to consider like the sensitivity of your skin. If you are someone who tends to react to a log of metals, like gold and silver, then titanium mens rings are definitely going to be a type to consider as it is far gentler on your skin. It is also a lot more resistant to damage so would be the ideal option if you do a lot of manual labour.

Another equally stlish option that is something different from your standard gold and silver rings for men is black onyx. Currently hugely popular in the fashion ring market for it’s stylish, modern look and black colouring, it also makes for a gorgeous male engagement ring when the metal is combined with a simple inset diamond.

On the subject of diamond rings for men, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when selecting a diamond ring, which can be condensed down to four Cs – cut, color, clarity and carat. In the case of mens rings, the styling tends to mean that cut is smaller than one larger diamond you’d find on a women’s ring, but still make sure that you’re getting what the price tag suggests you should be!

Another metal worth looking at for it’s durability if titanium doesn’t do it for you is platinium. A metal that has a very modern feel, a platinum mens ring will not only retain it’s shine (meaning less looking after), but is also a lot less likely to scratch or dent.

To learn more about the various different styles of mens rings on the market take some time to browse through the site and check out our various guides for both styles and metals and how to really find out the best one for you. Oh, and don’t forget while you’re here to check out our blog filled with celebrity related news and some of the more quirky and out there designs!